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Headshot Photographer in Fort Lauderdale

Whether you want to build your personal brand, or enhance your image, a professional headshot communicates your confidence, competence and approachability. The right photograph shows who you are and what you’re capable of. And in today’s increasingly digital marketplace, it’s a necessary tool for getting noticed. Are you ready to make an impression?

On Point Headshots specializes in professional headshot photography for individuals and corporate teams in South Florida. With us, you can count on a job done right. We guarantee crisp, vibrant and evocative headshots every time. Book a photo session at our Fort Lauderdale studio today. Or for corporate teams, we bring the studio to you, providing high-quality headshots and executive portraits for teams of 2 to 100+ employees.

We serve clients in Broward, Palm Beach and Miami-Dade counties.

Business Headshots

Looking for a quality headshot photographer in Fort Lauderdale? On Point Headshots is your source. We provide headshots and executive portraits for business professionals. With us, you can count on quality and expertise (Just take a look at our reviews!).  Our individual headshot sessions take place at our studio in Fort Lauderdale.  Our studio is fitted with the latest in professional lighting, camera and backdrop equipment, and we strive to create a fun, inviting and professional environment to help you feel comfortable and confident during your shoot. If it’s corporate headshots you’re looking for, go here to request a quote.

Think you’re ready to book a session? Whether you want to book just an individual session, or you’d like to add professional hair and makeup assistance, we can help. Choose the headshot company that South Florida’s professionals use to get the job done right. Book a session with On Point Headshots today.

corporate Headshots


Headshot Testimonials


Professional Headshots In 4 Easy Steps



Click the Schedule Now button. Enter your contact information, choose shoot date / time. Pay for your session. Your photo shoot is now scheduled.


During the shoot, we provide posing and expression coaching. We’ll help you with posture, facial features and will make it easy for you to look your very best.


We’ll review your photos at the end of our session and you’ll choose your favorites for retouching. Retouched photos are delivered within 7 days.



A professional headshot helps you stand out with prospects, clients and recruiters. Are you ready to make a statement?


Corporate Headshots Fort Lauderdale

Want to make an impression in the marketplace? A quality headshot is a powerful tool. It will help you:

  • Stand out on LinkedIn and draw the attention of prospects, clients and recruiters

  • Grow your personal brand

  • Build trust with prospects and clients

Bottom line: A high-quality headshot broadcasts your authentic, confident self to the world. It helps you make an impression on social media, your website, or in marketing materials and makes a statement about who you are, your abilities, and how you see yourself. What will professional headshots help you achieve?

Radiate Confidence
Build Trust
Get The Job
Close The Sale
Differentiate Yourself
Enhance Your Image
Stand Out From The Crowd
Make a Strong Statement



Capture the attention of casting directors with vibrant, expressive headshots. With 10+ years of acting headshot, fashion and commercial photography experience, we understand what appeals to casting directors. During your shoot, we provide expression and posing coaching to help you look your best. And we provide professional retouching to give your photos a polished, natural feel. All of our actor headshot sessions are done at our studio in Fort Lauderdale. Book a session with On Point Headshots today.


Professional Headshots

Whether it’s a LinkedIn headshot you need, or you represent a business and are searching for a professional headshot photographer who will get the job done right the first time, we’re here to help. We photograph professional headshots for multiple uses including each of the following:

  • Real Estate Headshots

  • Medical Headshots

  • Attorney Headshots

  • Doctor Headshots

  • Dentist Headshots

  • Realtor Headshots

  • LinkedIn Headshots

  • Sales Team Headshots

  • Trade Show Headshots

  • Executive Portraits

  • Executive Headshots

  • Environmental Portraits

  • Team Portraits

  • Business Headshot Photographers

  • Tradeshow Headshots

  • Group Headshots

  • Conference Headshots

  • Convention Headshots

  • Business Headshots

  • Corporate Headshots

  • Office Headshots


On Point Headshots FAQ

Below are frequently asked questions about our headshot photography. Call us at (305) 906-2986 if we can answer other questions you may have.

+ Do you come to my place of business?

Yes. For corporate team shoots, we bring our mobile headshot studio – lights and backdrops – to your location in Broward, Palm Beach or Miami-Dade counties. We pride ourselves on efficient set-up and consistency, and we bring the quality to you. Our team puts your employees at ease to guarantee the best results.

+ What should I wear for my headshot?

Make sure you love what you wear. Don’t choose an uncomfortable outfit because you think it will photograph well. A few tips: Choose bold, vibrant colors over patterned, textured or shiny tops. And leave the jewelry or flashy necktie at home, as these items will distract from your smile.

+ Do I need a makeup artist and hair stylist?

Professional hair and makeup is available for individual headshot sessions. The cost per session is an additional $150. A professional stylist will help you look your best, while accentuating your natural beauty. If you plan to do it yourself, apply makeup evenly, go for neutral, low-sheen products, and match your natural skin tone as closely as possible. If you’d like help, a makeup artist and stylist will help you achieve your best look.

+ How to pose for professional headshots?

Your photographer will coach you during the session, giving pointers and tips to help you look your best. So, there’s no need to be nervous. But there are some headshot posing tips that can help. For one, focus on posture. Keep your back straight with your shoulders relaxed. Bringing the forehead slightly forward and tucking the chin helps to define your jawline. And practice conveying confidence with your eyes using a "squinch".

+ What makes a perfect LinkedIn profile photo?

A crisp, well-lit profile picture with a clean backdrop is best. Quality photos convey you’re serious, professional and invested in your career. A few tips that can help if you’ll be using your headshot on LinkedIn: Look directly into the camera; eye contact conveys confidence, trust and attentiveness. And be sure you smile in your profile pictures - a smile conveys warmth and approachability.

+ Can you offer professional headshot tips?

First, remember to be relaxed. You’ll look tense in your photo if not, so if you’re feeling nervous, be sure to practice a bit prior to your session. (We’ll provide you with some posing and wardrobe help!) Also, be cognizant of your smile; a smaller smile is best. A smile that’s too big creates more lines on the face, while no smile comes off as agitated or angry. Another tip: Practice conveying emotion with your eyes. Wide-open eyes convey fearfulness or eagerness. We recommend a “squinch” - a slight squint – which defines the shape of the eye and conveys confidence.

+ How long does it take to receive my retouched photos?

You will receive digital proofs via email within 3 days of your session. Retouched photos are available in 7 days or less.

+ What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. We also accept cash and, for corporate accounts, payments may be made by check.


Fort Lauderdale Headshot Photographer

Garrin Evan is a Fort Lauderdale-based Headshot and Portrait Photographer. A guiding philosophy to his work: Create a fun, friendly and professional environment and let creativity flourish. He is a graduate of the University of Florida with an extensive background in marketing communications and internet marketing, having worked for companies such as Nextel, Servigistics / PTC, Logility, Atlantic Records and Coca-Cola USA. When he doesn’t have a camera in his hands, he enjoys figure drawing, painting, art museums, live jazz and the guitar.